Online Auction, Invite Participant, Collect Bids

Schedule Auction Event and Invite Participants

Forward & Reverse Bidding

KYC Enforcement on Participants

Digital Signature of KYC (On Demand)

Auto Biding – Bidder can set maximum bid and let the system bid on their behalf

Indicator to show Winning or Loosing status

Increment / Decrement – Auctioneer can set increment / decrement value for every next bid

Auto entension of bidding time on last minute bid submission

Masking of bids

Limit bidding and bidders

My Bids – Bidders can see their bids and how are they doing

Total or Items Wise Result calculation on Auctioneer choice

Sealed bidding

Auctioneer Dashboard and Charts

User Management

Manage Participants and Invite for Bidding

Manage Departments

Department Admin and User Management

KYC approval to enable bidders to enter into Auction Event


Email alerts to participants on an invitation

Email alerts to Auctioneer when bidder accepts the invitation

Announcement Alert to Bidders

Registration confirmation and email verification