Business Challenges with Paper-based Inspection

Ignorance of scheduled Inspection
Prolonged turnaround time in resolution of deviation reported
Tampered reporting misleads further strategy
Data entry overhead with possibility of mistakes
Proof of onsite presence of patrolling staff
Overheads of checklist revision and training
Expensive printing, logistics and change management
Agility to adapt the change
Increase in carbon footprint
NO SLA based escalation

Solution that Works

Cloud-based inspection and reporting with the help of handy inspection device
Geofencing and Geotracking of Inspection Devices
Proof of Presence of inspector with the help of RFID on every checkpoint
Scheduled Inspection, Realtime Checklist submission and Realtime deviation alert to concerned authorities
Web-based administration and management of the project, location, inspection team, checkpoint, checklist questions and tour wise scheduling of inspection
Realtime report access and SOS management
Incident reporting with picture uploading
Panic alert to control room and concerned officials with location co-ordinates
Team performance and movement comparison chart
Long-lasting battery life up to 10 hrs even with GPS tracking enabled

Report That Makes Sense

Clarity on who reported what at what time?
Project wise inspection reports in one sheet
Inspection not done withing a scheduled timespan is highlighted for you.
Deviation found during inspection is highlighted in red for you.

Best Fit

Daily Inspection to ensure Best Possible Security
Daily Inspection for Best Quality Housekeeping Service
Daily Inspection for Quality of Maintenence Service
Facility Inspection and their annual KPI analysis
Daily Inspection of Vehicle, Aircraft, Transport
Daily Inspection of Machinery in Manufacturing Plants
Daily Patrolling and Tracking of Patrolling Team
Any business that requires daily inspection